Jelly Blocks - Squishy Match-3 Game

Jelly blocks is a match-3 game where all the pieces are squishy and bouncy instead of solid pieces on a uniform grid. Touch three same colored blocks together and they expand and pop. Old game pieces eventually freeze in place creating a unique play field that you stack your pieces on.

I'd appreciate feedback on how the controls feel on both touch(phone) and keyboard(desktop) as well as how you like the core loop of stacking squishy blocks and popping them.

Also a question; Would anybody want to try out an apk or desktop exe if I posted one?



  • W,A,S,D: Move game piece
  • Left,Right: Rotate game piece
  • Space: Force spawn new game piece
  • F: Unfreeze all blocks


  • Top buttons - Rotate your game piece.
  • Bottom buttons - Move your game piece left and right.

Change Log

Jelly Blocks v0.40
New features:

  • Gamepad support in HTML5 and Windows

Bugs fixed:

  • The glitch where sometimes matches aren't detected and cleared
  • Minor physics optimizations
  • Resolution scaling in Android and Windows

Jelly Blocks v0.35

  • Improved graphic for the unfreeze meter
  • Tweeked physics should reduce the number of times three blocks look like they touch but don't register in physics

Jelly Blocks v0.30

  • Mobile browser performance dramatically improved
  • New block pop meter that ticks up when you match blocks, when this meter fills the color pallet shifts and all frozen blocks unfreeze.
  • The pieces you control get a dark black outline
  • Popping blocks are translucent.

Jelly Blocks v0.20

  • Initial version show to outside world

Known issues:

  • Game has no end condition yet.
  • Keyboard controls in IE don't work.
  • Performance still isn't very good at high body counts.
  • Physics engine sometimes blows up...


Email: michael AT creativecoggames DOT com


JellyBlocks 0.4 Alpha - Android.apk (5 MB)
JellyBlocks 0.4 Alpha - (4 MB)

Development log


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Blocks can be placed outside of container.

Thanks for the note. I'll put it on the bug list