Jelly Blocks - Squishy Match-3 Game

Jelly blocks is a squishy match-3 game you create matches by bouncing and smooshing blocks together. The bouncy soft pieces pile up, creating a unique play field that you stack your pieces on.  Think of it as squishy Tetris.

Most of the core game systems are in place. Future updates will include a tutorial mode, refined UI and extra game play modes. 



  • Left thumb stick: move pieces around
  • Right thumb stick: rotate pieces


  • W, A, S, D: Move game piece
  • Left,Right and Q, E: Rotate game piece


  • Top buttons - Rotate your game piece.
  • Bottom buttons - Move your game piece left and right.

Change Log

Jelly Blocks v0.65
New features:

  • Greater color contrast in blocks
  • Detects controller disconnect during gameplay
  • Escape key now closes pause and settings menus
  • High score now default to 2000 instead of 0

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a crash bug when there's no controlled game piece
  • Serious entire physics engine blows up bug fixed
  • Fixed occasional crash during save operation

Jelly Blocks v0.60
New features:

  • Multiple game modes, Zen mode never gets harder while Challenge mode does
  • Time limit feature added to challenge mode
  • Windows version now has fullscreen mode
  • Exit button added to main menu screen
  • Configuration settings are now saved between game sessions
  • High scores saved between sessions

Bugs fixed:

  • HTML5 rendering greatly improved in mobile Safari
  • Crash bug when restarting a game fixed

Jelly Blocks v0.55
New features:

  • Game camera now tracks the controlled game piece
  • Minor implovements to desktop UI
  • Mouse cursor goes away when it's not being used
  • New icon and logo
  • Eliminated funky timer bar on the left, now your current piece flashes to show your about to lose control

Bugs fixed:

  • Safari audio crash fixed
  • Render code streamlined, HTML5 frame rate is a little more consistent

Jelly Blocks v0.50
New features:

  • Game over condition added
  • Scoring added
  • New text particle effects
  • UI tweaks

Bugs fixed:

  •  Crash bug that happens after restarting the game

Jelly Blocks v0.45
New features:

  •  Improved title screen
  • Gamepad support in HTML5 and Windows
  • Vastly improved match detection
  • Sound fx manager and placeholder sounds
  • Music player and placeholder music track

Bugs fixed:

  • Touchscreen input bug in HTML5 and Android

Jelly Blocks v0.40
New features:

  • Gamepad support in HTML5 and Windows

Bugs fixed:

  • The glitch where sometimes matches aren't detected and cleared
  • Minor physics optimizations
  • Resolution scaling in Android and Windows

Jelly Blocks v0.35

  • Improved graphic for the unfreeze meter
  • Tweeked physics should reduce the number of times three blocks look like they touch but don't register in physics

Jelly Blocks v0.30

  • Mobile browser performance dramatically improved
  • New block pop meter that ticks up when you match blocks, when this meter fills the color pallet shifts and all frozen blocks unfreeze.
  • The pieces you control get a dark black outline
  • Popping blocks are translucent.

Jelly Blocks v0.20

  • Initial version show to outside world

Known issues:

  • Keyboard controls in IE don't work.
  • Performance still isn't very good at high body counts.
  • Physics engine sometimes blows up...


Email: michael AT creativecoggames DOT com


JellyBlocks 0.60 Alpha - Android.apk 14 MB
JellyBlocks 0.65 Beta - 38 MB

Development log


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Blocks can be placed outside of container.

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