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Jelly Blocks - Squishy Match-3 Game

Try the browser based demo. No Unity3D plugin required.

Jelly blocks is a squishy match-3 game you create matches by bouncing and smooshing blocks together. The bouncy soft pieces pile up, creating a unique play field that you stack your pieces on.  Think of it as squishy Tetris.

The game has a chill paced zen-mode that goes infinitely long as long as you don't fill the board too full.  The other mode, challenge mode, starts going faster as you match pieces and has a timer you have to constantly increase by matching pieces.



  • Left thumb stick: move pieces around
  • Right thumb stick: rotate pieces
  • A: create a new game piece right now, if able


  • W, A, S, D: Move game piece
  • Left,Right and Q, E: Rotate game piece
  • Space: create a new game piece right now, if able


  • Top buttons - Rotate your game piece.
  • Bottom buttons - Move your game piece left and right.

Change Log

Jelly Blocks v1.0.5
New features:

  • Watermarks added to game block to further distinguish them
  • HTML5 UI slightly improved
  • Sound and music turned on for HTML5 build

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where input was being polled twice per frame
  • Fixed blurry text in piece preview widget
  • Irrelevant settings turned off in HTML5 build

Jelly Blocks v1.0
New features:

  • Gameplay UI improvements
  • Controls screen added for keyboard and gamepad
  • New sound effects

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a crash bug that can happen when you have no current game piece

Jelly Blocks v0.65
New features:

  • Greater color contrast in blocks
  • Detects controller disconnect during gameplay
  • Escape key now closes pause and settings menus
  • High score now default to 2000 instead of 0

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a crash bug when there's no controlled game piece
  • Serious entire physics engine blows up bug fixed
  • Fixed occasional crash during save operation

Jelly Blocks v0.60
New features:

  • Multiple game modes, Zen mode never gets harder while Challenge mode does
  • Time limit feature added to challenge mode
  • Windows version now has fullscreen mode
  • Exit button added to main menu screen
  • Configuration settings are now saved between game sessions
  • High scores saved between sessions

Bugs fixed:

  • HTML5 rendering greatly improved in mobile Safari
  • Crash bug when restarting a game fixed

Jelly Blocks v0.55
New features:

  • Game camera now tracks the controlled game piece
  • Minor implovements to desktop UI
  • Mouse cursor goes away when it's not being used
  • New icon and logo
  • Eliminated funky timer bar on the left, now your current piece flashes to show your about to lose control

Bugs fixed:

  • Safari audio crash fixed
  • Render code streamlined, HTML5 frame rate is a little more consistent

Jelly Blocks v0.50
New features:

  • Game over condition added
  • Scoring added
  • New text particle effects
  • UI tweaks

Bugs fixed:

  •  Crash bug that happens after restarting the game

Jelly Blocks v0.45
New features:

  •  Improved title screen
  • Gamepad support in HTML5 and Windows
  • Vastly improved match detection
  • Sound fx manager and placeholder sounds
  • Music player and placeholder music track

Bugs fixed:

  • Touchscreen input bug in HTML5 and Android

Jelly Blocks v0.40
New features:

  • Gamepad support in HTML5 and Windows

Bugs fixed:

  • The glitch where sometimes matches aren't detected and cleared
  • Minor physics optimizations
  • Resolution scaling in Android and Windows

Jelly Blocks v0.35

  • Improved graphic for the unfreeze meter
  • Tweeked physics should reduce the number of times three blocks look like they touch but don't register in physics

Jelly Blocks v0.30

  • Mobile browser performance dramatically improved
  • New block pop meter that ticks up when you match blocks, when this meter fills the color pallet shifts and all frozen blocks unfreeze.
  • The pieces you control get a dark black outline
  • Popping blocks are translucent.

Jelly Blocks v0.20

  • Initial version show to outside world

Known issues:

  • Keyboard controls in IE don't work.
  • Performance still isn't very good at high body counts.

[Twitter]( https://twitter.com/apfelbeck)

Email: michael AT creativecoggames DOT com

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PlatformsWindows, Android
Release date Sep 06, 2018
AuthorCreative Cog Games
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Made withHaxe
Tags2D, Abstract, Funny, Physics
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Homepage


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