Jelly Blocks 1.0

All planned 1.0 features complete. All known crash bugs are fixed. It feels good to call a game complete.

**Jelly Blocks v1.0**
New features:

  • Gameplay UI improvements
  • Controls screen added for keyboard and gamepad
  • New sound effects
  • Greater color contrast in blocks
  • Detects controller disconnect during gameplay
  • Escape key now closes pause and settings menus
  • High score now default to 2000 instead of 0

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a crash bug that can happen when you have no current game piece
  • Fixed a crash bug when there's no controlled game piece
  • Serious entire physics engine blows up bug fixed
  • Fixed occasional crash during save operation


JellyBlocks 1.0 - 38 MB
Aug 23, 2018

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